Student Testimonials

LI from China Major: English for Speakers of Other Languages

"Professors always encourage students to participate in class discussions and work with them to create a dialogue. There is a student-centered atmosphere to each class."

Jude from Jordan Major: Civil Engineering

“Being an Auburn woman has not only equipped me with the education I need to excel at my future job(s) but has also provided me with the strength and determination that every woman needs to be happy. Because I am an Auburn woman, I know that I can do whatever I set my mind to.”

Bill from Vietnam Major: International Business

"Many Vietnamese students like big cities in places like New York or California, but personally I recommend choosing Auburn because it is a small town and everyone knows each other. It is like a community. I really like the community feeling in Auburn. You can easily meet friends.”

Yaxin from China Major: Business

“I’ve volunteered with IMPACT, which is a volunteering organization on campus. I helped with their Thanksgiving dinner and served Thanksgiving food to people. I really liked how this made me feel. I felt like what I did was really helpful to others. Volunteering has also helped improve my social skills and helped me make good friends.”

Gabriel from Nigeria Major: Public Administration

"Auburn Global has been fantastic. I initially had the mindset that Auburn Global would help me transition to life in the United States, but they went the extra mile to help me. Not every university would do that. I'm so grateful Auburn did."

Marcela from El Salvador Major: Information Systems Management

"I wasn't expecting to feel that Auburn spirit everyone talks about. When I got to the arena and the game started it was so exciting! I really felt the spirit of Auburn and the Auburn family."

Nelson from Kenya Major: Environmental Science

In celebration of World Poetry Day on March 21, more than 50 students gathered to witness a poetry contest hosted by the Peace Corps at Auburn, the International Buddy Program, and Auburn Global. Ten students competed with an array of original and famous poems. Nelson Muthanji, Auburn Global student and avid poet, served as the host of the event and was awarded first place for his original poem titled “Time.”

Auburn University

#93 National Universities

30,440 total enrollment

4.9% international students

Quaint southern town

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