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Orientation Schedule (Sample)
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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss orientation?

Orientation is an important and mandatory part of your preparation to attend AU. Missing even one day could result in you missing important information about your classes and may result in a delay in your registration. If you have an urgent situation that requires you to miss orientation, please contact

Is it possible to arrive early?
Students who are arriving on an F1 visa are permitted to arrive into the United States up to 30 days prior to the start of their program as listed on the I20. Please make sure you visit the Before You Arrive page to submit your arrival details.
If I arrive early, may I move into my housing early?

Auburn Global will always try our best to accommodate early move-ins. To ensure the limited room space can be available at the time and students can have a good experience with their early move-in, any move-in requests needs to be requested by emailing Student Services Director, Yi Wang,

Will I need to take a English proficiency or Math placement test?

Undergraduate and Postgraduate students are required to complete English proficiency test. Undergraduate students also need to complete Math placement test. The tests results are used to ensure the students are in the program track that best supports their needs.

When will I get my class schedule?

Class schedules will be assigned during your orientation.

Day One


Auburn Global Welcome
Office of International Programs
Setting Up Au Access
Bank Presentation

Day Two


Academic Presentation
Student Services Overview
How to be a Successful Student
English Placement Test 1

Day Three


Math Placement Test
Campus Safety
Housing, Dining, Insurance
COVID Test 1

Day Four


English Placement Test 2
Major Exploration
Campus Involvement
Career Accelerator

Day Five


COVID Test 2
Campus Tour

*Note: Students will receive their finalized orientation schedule upon arrival!


Health Immunization Form

FERPA waiver

Before You Arrive

Please visit this page to complete all of the required step need before you arrive. In addition to the FERPA waiver, Health Immunization Form, and Flight Detail Submission, and Payment Details, you will also find additional resources like the math placement practice test.



Course Registration And Academic Support
Supplemental Instruction (SI)
The Miller Writing Center (MWC)

Students receive registration assistance throughout their first year, as well as academic tutoring and support. Tutors trained in core subjects equip students for success, ensuring that students’ academic and emotional needs are met. Academic workshops equip students with study skills, as well as background on academic integrity and the US education system. Both one-on-one and group sessions focus on student wellness, integration with the university, and confidence in the classroom.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an additional support service for target classes to help students connect with their peers and develop the academic skills they need to succeed.

Optional SI sessions are encouraged for all students, regardless of their background knowledge in the subject or performance in the class. SI sessions take place on a recurring weekly schedule (developed at the beginning of a semester), and provide a relaxed peer-to-peer environment where students can learn and grow.

With the support of the expert faculty at the MWC, students can work toward becoming better writers and communicators as they study. The MWC provides a welcoming and supportive environment for students to improve their writing skills and provides one-on-one appointments to all students both in-person and online.



Pre-arrival Communication
Airport Welcome & Campus Arrival
Discounted Flights with Student Universe

Prior to departing their home country, students will receive a series of emails outlining all pre-arrival requirements. If students have any pre-arrival questions, please email the Arrival AU team at

Transfers from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) to campus can be arranged online. Students who need airport pick up must submit their travel information via the AU Pre-arrival Form at least two weeks before their arrival. Once travel information has been received, the Auburn Global team will reserve airport pickup and send an email confirmation, including detailed instructions on airport arrival, to students. If students have any questions, please email us at Arrival AU If students have any last-minute travel changes or need assistance, please call our Duty Phone at +1-334-750-9937.

Student Universe

Discounted Flights

Use Student Universe for discounted international flights as well as flights within the US on trips with your friends!! Get the best deals when you need them and benefit from 24-hour risk-free cancellation.


Job & Career Support

Virtual Internships + Professional Certificates
Professional Development
Dedicated Career Advising
Career-oriented Workshops & Networking

Through workshops on resume building, networking, and more, students gain the proper tools to succeed and conquer the workforce.

Career advising helps students identify individual career goals, with proactive outreach to follow up on their learning outcomes. Further one-on-one guidance builds student confidence in their career journey, prior to and after program progression.

Resume and cover letter support, along with written and oral communication training, builds greater student understanding of possible careers. Career service resources equip students with the tools needed to build a professional social media presence, while optional workshop opportunities prepare students for effective networking. Company tours, career fairs, internship support, and placement assistance help students further achieve their career goals.

Virtual Internships + Professional Certificates

Master the in-demand skills global employers seek that you won’t learn in the classroom. Boost your portfolio — and save money — with certifications and projects that demonstrate your new qualifications and make you a competitive candidate in today’s job market.
Enroll today for an incredible value: Many bootcamps and courses can range up to $14,000 per course* — but with Auburn Global you can upskill in as many available courses as you like during your studies, all included in your enrollment fee!

Professional Certificates

Designed for computer science, engineering, and business students, each certificate program was inspired by elite university preparatory programs tailored for growing careers. Student internship projects have included software development, website design, virtual reality, digital content creation, project management, AI, and more at leading employers.

Certification 1 : Design Thinking – develop effective approaches to problem-solving
Designed for business/MBA, computer science, data science, engineering, information systems, and marketing majors

Certification 2 : Social Entrepreneurship** – foster widespread positive change
Designed for business/MBA, engineering, entrepreneurship, finance, and marketing majors

Certification 3 : Global Citizenship** – thrive in diverse environments
Designed for business/MBA, computer science, engineering, finance, and international business majors

Completed internships include

Halcyon IQ
Local Grown Salads
Personal Banker
Digital marketing strategy
Social media marketing
Diagnostics AI/machine learning
Website design
AWS – LGS ecosystem system design
Technology software development API
Digital content creation

Credentials + certification prep offered include

Business Students
Computer Science Students
Engineering Students
Credentials + Certification Preparation
  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • PMP
  • Java, Python, PHP, C++ , Ruby
  • AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure
  • DP-203 Microsoft Exam dp-203
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Security Operations
  • Reverse, Social, Chaos and Network Engineering
  • Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Software Developer
  • UX Designer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Systems Architect
  • Video Game Developer
  • AI Engineer
  • Engineering Manager
  • Product Engineer
  • Data Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer

*Stanford Executive Education Design Thinking Bootcamp

**Endorsed by the University of Peace – UN Charter



Progression Guide
Progression Requirements - Graduate
Progression Requirements - Undergraduate

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how do I pay for my tuition after Auburn Global?

You can find your Ebill under the “My Finances” tab in your AU Access. To learn more about your Tuition and Fee, you may contact Student Financial Services.

How do I register for classes after my Auburn Global program?
May I continue to live in Auburn Global housing after I matriculate?

Yes you may! Please complete this form to request a housing extension.

Getting your new I-20

It is the responsibility of the student to remain in good standing which includes always having a valid I-20. It is important to monitor the I-20 expiration date and renew as needed. To renew your I-20 or to receive an updated I-20 upon completion of your Auburn Global program, please follow this Guide to submit your I-20 renewal documents.

College of Education

  • Agriscience Education (MS)
  • Business/Marketing Education (MS)
  • Early Childhood Education (MS)
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (MS)
  • English Language Arts Education (MS)
  • Foreign Language Education: French or Spanish (MS)
  • General Science Education (MS)
  • Music Education: Instrumental or Vocal (MS)
  • Reading Education (MS)
Advanced MAP
6 Credits
3.0 GPA and no grade lower than a B
9 Credits
3.0 GPA and no grade lower than a B

Total credit hours required for degree: 30

Samuel Ginn College Of Engineering & College Of Agriculture

  • Aerospace Engineering (MS)
  • Computer Science and Software Engineering (MS)
  • Cybersecurity Engineering (MS)
  • Data Science and Engineering—Data Engineering Option (MS)
  • Materials Engineering (MS)
  • Mechanical Engineering (MS)
Direct MAP
Advanced MAP
9 Credits
6 Credits
9 Credits
Not Applicable
3.0 GPA with no grade lower than a B
3.0 GPA with no grade lower than a B

Total Credit Hours required for degree: 30 for Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering; 33 for Materials Engineering and Computer Science and Software Engineering

  • Biosystems Engineering (MS)
  • Chemical Engineering (MS)
  • Polymer and Fiber Engineering (MS)
Direct MAP
9 Credits
Not Applicable
Advanced MAP
6 Credits
Chemical Engineering and Polymer and Fiber Engineering: 3.0 GPA and no grade lower than a B
Biosystems Engineering: 3.0 GPA and no grade lower than a C
9 Credits
Chemical Engineering and Polymer and Fiber Engineering: 3.0 GPA and no grade lower than a B
Biosystems Engineering: 3.0 GPA and no grade lower than a C

Total Credit Hours required for degree: 30 for Biosystems Engineering and Chemical Engineering; 36 for Polymer and Fiber Engineering

College Of Liberal Arts

  • Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Direct MAP
9 Credits
Not Applicable
Advanced MAP
6 Credits
3.0 GPA and no grade lower than a B
9 Credits
3.0 GPA and no grade lower than a B

Total credit hours required for degree: 42

  • Master of Community Planning (MCP)
Direct MAP
9 Credits
Not Applicable
Advanced MAP
6 Credits
3.0 GPA and no grade lower than a C
9 Credits
3.0 GPA and no grade lower than a C
Total credit hours required for degree: 45

College Of Sciences And Mathematics

  • Applied Mathematics (MAM)
  • Mathematics (MS)
Direct MAP
9 Credits
Not Applicable
Advanced MAP
6 Credits
3..0 GPA with no grade lower than a B
12 Credits
3.0 GPA with no grade lower than a B
Total credit hours required for degree: 30
  • Data Science and Engineering—Data Science Option (MS)
  • Probability and Statistics (MProbS)
  • Statistics (MS)
Direct MAP
9 Credits
Not Applicable
Advanced MAP
6 Credits
3..0 GPA with no grade lower than a B
12 Credits
3.0 GPA with no grade lower than a B
Total credit hours required for degree: 30

Progression Requirements for all undergraduate students is earned 24 credits and a 2.0 minimum GPA.


Scholarships & Finances

Financial Information
U.S. Bank Accounts
Tax Responsibilities
Loans for International Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to receive an additional scholarship after I start my Auburn Global program?

The only scholarship you are eligible to receive during your time at Auburn University is the one you may have been awarded by Auburn Global while completing you admission process.

How do I set up a bank account?

Opening an account is a topic that is covered during orientation. During this presentation you will learn more about the types of accounts you can open and how they may benefit you.

How do I pay my tuition and fees?

Students need to pay all tuition and fees in a timely manner to avoid late fees, potential loss of scholarships, and delays in registering for classes.

Click here for instructions:

If you are paying with an U.S. credit or debit account, you can use the below links:

Paying with Electronic Banking

Paying with Credit Card (4% convenience fee)

American higher education is quite expensive compared to that of other countries. This is a fact that you should be aware of as an international student.

International students are required to submit proof of sufficient funds to cover educational expenses in the U.S. in order to obtain a SEVS I-20. Having obtained an I-20, signing it and either entering the U.S. or filing a change of status to F-1 you agree to have funds available for the duration of your studies. It is important, therefore, that you responsibly plan and manage your finances.

External Organizations and Resources:

The Foundation Center
Is a non-profit organization that has a listing of grants for which some individuals may qualify.

Institute of International Education (I.I.E.)
May be able to provide information on scholarships, grants or programs for eligible international students.
May be able to provide information on scholarships, grants or programs for eligible international students.

Organization of American States (OAS)
If you are from Central or South America, OAS offers an interest free loan grant to eligible international students through the Leo Rowe Loan Fund. For more information on eligibility and application process, please contact

College Board
Is a free online financial source for scholarships, grants, and loans for college-bound students, including international students wishing to study in the United States.

International Education Financial Aid
Is a free online scholarship resource for non-US citizens with disabilities.

Education USA
Is a free online searchable database of scholarships for international students.

International Student Loan
Requires a US citizen or permanent resident (Green Card holder) as a co-signer.

Is a comprehensive Internet guide to financial aid. It contains sections pertaining to foreign students coming to the United States and U.S. students going abroad.

Florida Linkage Institutes
Is a Tuition Assistance Resource for Florida International University’s International Students.

International Students Organization in America
Maintains a useful financial aid web page.

Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund – World Bank Volunteer Services
The World Bank, 1818 “H” St., NW, Room G-1000, Washington, DC 20433, Telephone: 202-473-8751, Fax: 202-676-0419
Eligibility: Women only

NAFSA: Association of International Educators
Maintains a useful financial aid web page.

Online Directory of Scholarships and Grants
Has useful financial aid information.

Organization of American States
Department of Fellowship and Training Program, Washington, DC 20006, Telephone: (202) 458-3900, Email:

Publishes a variety of books and directories.

The National Association of Financial Aid Administrators
Maintains a web page that lists financial resources for international students.

The National Science Foundation
Publishes a selected list of fellowships and other support opportunities for Advanced Education for United States Citizens and Foreign Nationals, 1993 edition (National Science Foundation). NSF 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA22230, Telephone: 703-306-1234.

United Nations
Fellowships Section, Office of Technical Cooperation of Development, United Nations, New York, 10017.

Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship Program
Xerox Corporation, Corporate Employment and College Relations, Xerox Square-026, Rochester, NW 14644

Refunds Generally. You must submit your refund request for all eligible refunds within 60 days of program completion, withdrawal, or dismissal. The request form can be found here. All refunds will be issued in U.S. Dollars, minus bank transfer and processing fees, including any fees incurred for a rejected payment, according to the exchange rate in place at the time of the refund. All eligible refunds will be processed when students complete, withdraw, or are dismissed from our program. This may be transferred to the student’s university account or processed as a refund directly to the student. Refunds are typically issued within 60-90 business days from receipt of completed form.

January 1 through April 15 is “Tax Season” in the United States. During this period, U.S. citizens, permanent residents and many non-immigrants must file income tax returns and other tax forms.

All international students, scholars and their dependents (F-1, F-2, J-1 and J-2 who have been in the United States the previous calendar year) who are non-residents for tax purposes MUST file tax Form 8843 regardless of whether they worked or not.

For more information, visit the Tax Responsibilities section on the ISSS Website.

Remember! Auburn Global advisors are NOT experts in income taxes and thus, cannot advise or assist you in filing your returns. The information on this webpage is provided as a service to Auburn Global students. The information does not constitute tax advice and Auburn Global staff cannot assist with the preparation or completion of individual tax return forms.

Flexible Student Loan Plans for International Students

For most international students, obtaining financial aid to support their studies can be challenging, especially without a qualified co-signer. To help fund international students’ education journey in the US, Shorelight is collaborating with MPower Financing and Prodigy Finance, international student loan servicers. Both provide flexible student loan plans for international students pursuing degrees at eligible US colleges and universities, without the usual requirements of a cosigner, collateral, or US credit history. They offer fixed-rate loans up to $100,000 with 1.5% in interest rate discounts.

Find international student loans with MPower Financing and Prodigy Finance.


Center for Academic Success

A website with access to virtual tutors, career advisors, and online resources to help you throughout your university studies

Do you need to improve your academic skills or study habits? Do you need help preparing for an exam or presentation? Are you confused about CPT/OPT or don’t even know what career field is best for you? Shorelight’s Center for Academic Success has friendly online academic skills and subject area tutors along with expert career advisors to help you with these questions and many more!

Maybe you would also enjoy completing a short eLearning workshop at your own pace? Those are available, too, on topics ranging from Academic Integrity to How to Make American Friends—and everything in between! If you’re short on time, try one of the live or recorded webinars.

Give your learning journey the support you need by signing up for a free account today! Here’s how:

1. Click here or scan the QR code to find our Home page.

2. Click the orange “Sign up now” button to request access.

3. On the sign up form, type your given name and family name as you are registered at your university.

4. Type any email address (personal or university, etc.). You will need to access your email to verify your address.

5. Create a password with at least one special character and 6-50 characters total.

6. Type your password again. Write it down or save it in your browser.

7. Type the full name of your university, not just the abbreviation. Your status must be checked.

8. Check the box to accept the Terms & Conditions (feel free to read those first).

9. Optional: Sign up for our newsletter by checking the last box.

10. Click the large orange button that says, “Start your learning journey.”

11. You’ll be asked to verify your email address next. In your inbox, you’ll see two emails from us. Open them and click the link to verify your email address. Check your spam folder if you don’t see the two emails.

12. You’ll receive an email within two business days to let you know that your account is approved (or if not, how to fix the problem).

13. Return to the Home page linked above (or in the email) to log in when your account access has been approved.

If you encounter any technical trouble, just use the Live Chat button at the bottom of our Home page.

Important Dates

Application Deadline:

April 12, 2024

I-20 Transfer Deadline:

April 12, 2024

Payment Deadline:

April 26, 2024

Move-in Date:

May 10, 2024