Student Advising

Emotional and academic support aid in students’ growth, success, confidence, and happiness.

Course Registration and Academic Support

Registration assistance is provided to students throughout their first year, as well as academic tutoring and support. Tutors trained in core subjects equip students for success, ensuring that students’ needs are met, academically and emotionally. Academic workshops equip students with study skills, as well as knowledge on academic integrity and the U.S education system. One-on-one or group sessions between students and staff will provide support with students’ wellness, their integration with the university, and their confidence in the classroom.

Campus Integration and Events

By engaging in fun campus activities, students can build their community amongst classmates throughout their academic journey. Signature student events provide an opportunity to feel more closely integrated, both on and off campus. At least two exciting events per semester will push students to explore their community, form new relationships, and gain a greater understanding of U.S. life.

Sometimes you need a study break.

As a student in Auburn, you will have access to an unlimited number of exciting things to see and do.

Auburn Attractions