Complete your application online. Or, if you prefer, email the following documents to

  • Completed application form
  • Your secondary school transcript and a certified English translation if your original transcript is not in English
  • If you have graduated already, include your secondary school diploma and a certified English translation if your original diploma is not in English
  • Complete the Math Self-Evaluation if you are an engineering student

Qualified students will receive a conditional offer of admission.

The offer letter will outline conditions you must complete before receiving a formal offer of admission.

Conditions of admission include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • A copy of your passport
  • Proof of English-language ability
  • I-20 request form
  • Certificate of Finance form
  • Financial documentation covering the full amount listed on the Certificate of Finance
  • Deposit (amount listed in your conditional offer)
  • Current I-20 and Transfer-in form, if you are currently studying in the U.S. and will transfer your I-20

Upon admission, you will receive a packet that includes all the required documents to apply for your visa.

If you are a sponsored student, you can now use your offer of admission to obtain your full financial guarantee from your sponsorship entity. Once you submit the financial guarantee, you will receive your I-20.

Visit to learn more about scheduling your visa appointment.

Follow the steps on the Before You Arrive page to make sure you have everything ready before you arrive on campus.

For instance:

  • Submit your flight details
  • Pay your tuition and fees
  • Complete Auburn University’s required forms


A degree from Auburn University is an investment in your future. Auburn University offers a fun and fulfilling educational experience at an affordable cost.