Want to get ahead in your career? Give yourself a head start on success, with the Career Accelerator.

Graduate Career Accelerator

What is the Career Accelerator?

The Career Accelerator provides career development skills and experience to help you succeed in the global job market. As part of the Graduate Accelerator for international students at Auburn, the Career Accelerator prepares you for the future. Career development workshops, exclusive internship opportunities, resume and interview help – you’ll get it all with the Career Accelerator.

How do I apply for the Career Accelerator?

Once you arrive for your first semester, get settled, and receive orientation, you will have the opportunity to be a part of the Career Accelerator Orientation and meet with an advisor who will assist you with opting-in for the program.

Will I receive credit for Career Accelerator participation?

The Career Accelerator begins during your first year and can be completed within two years. Some of the curriculum and activities will overlap with your credit-bearing courses. However, the majority of Career Accelerator activities are non-credit bearing and supplement your academic experience.

Will I have an advisor to work with me?

Yes. Students in the Career Accelerator have a Career Advisor to help them through the entire program. Similar to young professionals entering the workforce, you’ll get guidance to help build experience. Mentorship from Career Service professionals, Auburn Global resources, and peer-to-peer interaction are pillars of the Career Accelerator program.

If I want to start in my first semester, will I be overwhelmed with work?

Not at all. The program is designed understanding the academic responsibilities of our students in their first semester. The Career Accelerator typically begins within your first year and can be completed at your own pace.

What if I opt-in and do not complete the program requirements on time?

The Career Accelerator is designed to be completed in two years but is also flexible to your needs and progression. If you do not complete the program on time, you can meet with your Career Advisor to discuss next steps.


How do I get internship assistance from the Career Accelerator?

To be eligible for internship placement assistance, Graduate Accelerator students must:

  • Maintain 90% attendance in all Career Accelerator activities and workshops
  • Complete all major milestone projects
  • Remain in good academic standing

Are there eligibility requirements to get an internship through the Career Accelerator?

Yes. As an international student you must have a valid F1 Visa and be approved for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT). CPT is typically used during your academic career and OPT can be used once you graduate. There are limitations on each status and more information will be provided through the program. There is no upper limit on the amount of time available for CPT. In other words, students can apply for CPT authorization multiple times.

Do I get paid for an internship through the Career Accelerator?

Internships can be paid or unpaid — this is usually determined by the company. We cannot guarantee paid internships but we do ensure that employers provide a quality experience designed to help you learn and grow both academically and professionally.

Where in the United States will I be able to do an internship?

There are many variables that may influence where you are able to do an internship. For instance, availability, academic calendars, local economies, and major(s), just to name a few. Our goal through our placement assistance process is to develop a plan that works for you and provides a variety of opportunity.

When can I do an internship?

Typically, students complete internships over the summer break as this allows for a more comprehensive learning experience. Internships during the school year are less common due to academic calendars.

How does the internship placement assistance process work?

Internship placement assistance can be a very formal or informal process. For example, if you were to attend a job or career fair as part of your Career Accelerator activities and obtain an internship offer, this would be considered an informal placement. However, if you require more opportunities and assistance, you will begin the process of working with a placement specialist as well as your Career Advisor to develop a placement plan leading up to your completion of the program.

Can I apply for internships through other offices and resources on campus?

Yes. The Career Accelerator works closely with many offices and resources on campus to ensure you have complete access.

Do I have a choice in the internship I receive?

Yes. You choose if you want to intern for any particular organization. There are factors that determine if you receive an offer at any given company, such as your eligibility, the internship requirements, your skill level, or your experience. The key thing to remember is you have full control over signing any internship offer.