How much will it cost?

Fall 2019—Fall 2020
Estimated Annual Costs

2 Semesters 3 Semesters
Tuition and Fees $31,384 USD $41,340 USD
Housing $6,200–$12,000 USD $10,600–$18,000 USD
Dining $700–$2,200 USD $700–$2,200 USD
Health Insurance $1,500 USD $2,000 USD
Total $39,784–$47,084 USD $54,640–$63,540 USD

Find more information about health insurance here. 

The amount that students pay in tuition and required fees represents a sizable and important investment in their future. However, student payments alone do not cover the full cost of providing any of Auburn’s educational programs. Even after state appropriations are included, some programs require funding through additional fees in order to provide the high-quality learning environment that students expect. Like the basic tuition and fees, these additional amounts help to cover not only the direct costs of providing instruction and advising in these programs but also indirect costs associated with Auburn’s role as a comprehensive center of higher education for the state. Tuition quoted above does not include college-specific fees associated with declaring a major within a college, which can be found below. These college-specific fees are charged per semester once a student gains admission into that college.

College-Specific Fees

Class Standing Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Summer 2020
Freshman $420 per semester
Sophomore $735 per semester
Junior $735 per semester
Senior $735 per semester
Class Standing Fall and Spring Summer
Freshman $260 per semester $75
Sophomore $260 per semester $75
Junior $560 per semester $150
Senior $560 per semester $150

All fees are subject to change.
Students who come to Auburn with transfer credits may be classified as a higher class-standing level.

How do I pay my tuition and fees?

It’s quick and easy to pay your tuition and fees via Auburn Global’s Flywire.


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