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Tips and Tricks to Ace Your Midterms


Whether it is only one or two tests or one of many tests, midterm exams typically hold a heavy weight in the overall grading scale for a class. They can define your academic standing the class. Knowing this, many students consider midterms to be a challenging and sometimes daunting task. Read this blog post where Auburn Global’s academic team provides some of the best tips and tricks to help you prepare for the tests ahead and give your confidence a boost!

Auburn Global’s Academic Associate Director, ChuChu Chidume, and Assistant Academic Director – ESL, Beth Merchant-Gonzalez, offered some valuable advice for students who want to ace their midterms.

“There’s no quick solution to that success,” begins Dr. Chidume, “Good habits must be built from the beginning.”

Those good habits are built by starting early. Here are a few things Beth and ChuChu recommend doing to achieve success:


  • Go to your teachers with questions:


Beth recognizes that raising your hand in class can be intimidating, so if you are not comfortable asking questions during class, she recommends writing down your questions, and going to your teacher’s office hours for help. This will broaden your understanding of the subject and help build a relationship with your teacher that helps them understand your willingness to learn.


  • Form study groups:


You and your classmates are all taking the same test. Multiple minds working together can add an outside perspective and increase a useful sense of understanding during your preparation period. Not to mention a sense of camaraderie that can boost your confidence.


  • Go to tutoring and attend academic assistance workshops.


Both ChuChu and Beth emphasized the importance of going to tutoring, no matter what your grade is. Through his experience as a teacher, Chuchu noticed that some of his best students consistently went to tutoring, “not always because they needed help, but because they wanted some kind of assurance or they want to bounce ideas off of each other. There is still a lot of room for improvement.”


  • Always REVIEW worksheets and class materials, ATTEND class, and WRITE notes:


If the teacher provides a review sheet, study it in detail. The information provided in class will likely prepare you for the questions that will be asked on the test. So don’t skip class or you might not receive this valuable information and supporting materials! Some teachers ask bonus questions on tests with specific information that was only discussed in class to reward students who regularly attend. Studies also show that taking notes helps people retain information so be sure to write things down rather than taking pictures of the teacher’s notes or presentation. Plus, taking notes will also help improve your English!


  • If you can’t remember ALL of it, do your best to master MOST of it!


It can be very difficult to cover all topics at once, especially if you feel pressed for time. ChuChu recommends a concentrated approach. He suggests that students master the majority of topics learned in class or covered in the textbook instead of trying to quickly cover all of them. He states, “a firm grasp on all these things” will benefit your chances at truly succeeding in certain portions of the test, rather than performing with hesitance on all subjects and risking poor performance on the majority.


Midterms can be overwhelming, but remember, Auburn Global is here to help you and connect you with the resources to set you on the path to success. Just remember Beth’s advice as you prepare, “In simple words, don’t give up. It’s not too late. We have the resources to help and Auburn Global’s mission is to help students succeed.”


Best of luck!


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