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Summer Semester Success!

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A how-to guide for students.

Summer classes have just begun and the reality of a 10-week semester is kicking in. Many students think that summer classes are easier than fall or spring classes, but this is simply not true! Summer classes can actually be more challenging because instructors are squeezing 16 weeks of lessons into 10 short weeks. So the question is, what can students do to succeed during the summer semester? Here are a few tips from our academic team! 


Classes move at a faster pace in the summer, so you need to be sure to stay on top of reading assignments and homework. Because of the faster pace, it is easy to fall behind. This means you need to attend all classes. It can be difficult to recover after just one missed class!


Instructors expect students to attend classes and keep up with their own work. Remember that the instructor is there to help you! If you have questions about the class or about the lecture, ask your instructor rather than your friends. Make an appointment to meet with your instructor to discuss any questions you have. Meeting with your instructor shows that you want to learn and that you are a serious student!


Find out if your class offers Supplemental Instruction (SI) or a Study Partners (SP) session. These are resources that you pay for with your student fees, so be sure to utilize them. Most students view these resources as a last resort if they are failing, but that is not true!  The best students use SI and SP from the beginning of the semester to help them move from an “okay” grade to an outstanding grade.


Remember that Auburn Global offers drop-in tutoring Monday through Friday. Instructors are there to help you with almost everything – reading help, conversation practice, etc. Again, this is a resource included in your student fees, so be sure to use it!

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