Meet Rahul

Rahul came to Auburn in 2015 from India and enrolled in the Master's Accelerator Program to earn his Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering. He graduated in May of 2017.

Manjunath and Rahul celebrating together on graduation day
Rahul, Manjunath and friends on graduation day.

Why did you choose Auburn Global? 

“I chose Auburn Global because of the style, it’s not really something you can just jump into, you ease into the program. It’s like you are not really hurried into all of the courses at once, you take it step by step. You take it slow, you make friends, and the transition gets easier.”

What would you tell a someone who is thinking about coming to Auburn?

“I would tell them that they should definitely come to Auburn if they are really serious about studying. Auburn is a great college town, where you can focus on studies, work hard, and have a little bit of fun on weekends. Definitely come here and remember to have fun. You have a lot of extracurricular activities here. You can join societies, activities, play sports, and work out. You can get to know the culture here in Auburn and obviously get a degree.”

What is it like to be in an Auburn classroom as a graduate student?

“Well, graduate school at Auburn is not easy, but it is something you get comfortable with. The professors help you, like if you ask them, if you approach them, they will help you. They will try to sit with you and figure out what is going on with you and figure out the major problem and try to fix it. Also, as I said, it is not easy, but if you focus hard, you will get it done, and at the end, when you graduate you will be proud.”

What did you learn here that you did not expect to learn?

“Well, to be honest, the knowledge of various cultures. I did not expect I would get to know people from 15 different cultures and countries. I knew there would be some people from different backgrounds, but knowing so many different people. I know I have friends from 10 to 15 different countries. They have their own cultures, their own rituals, how they behave, how they talk. I know a little bit about all of these differences. That is something exciting, and I did not expect that.”

What inspires you?

“Well, as you know, Tim Cook was here a couple of weeks ago. Looking at all of the established alumni, Tim Cook, Octavia Spencer, they were right here a couple of years ago. I feel if I graduate from Auburn, I feel I need to do something and make Auburn proud.”

How do you think Auburn education has already helped you and will help you to achieve your goals?

“Well, one of my goals and dreams was to get my master’s from the USA. That is one thing checked from the list. And second, education in Auburn is very practical and theoretical, so it will help me to get a job and start my career. That is the next step in my life.”

What has been your fondest memory of your time in Auburn?

“My fondest memory is a tie between my first engineering course and my first football game, because going to my first game with other 80,000 people screaming ‘Auburn, Auburn’ is something I will not forget in my life. And also going to the class starting graduate school in a practical world is something I will hold dear to my heart.”

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