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Meet Natcha from Thailand

Natcha at a football game

Wondering what it’s like to be an Auburn Global student?
Meet one of our current students to learn more about her Auburn experience!

Natcha head shot

: Natcha Luechakiettisak
Country of Citizenship: Thailand
Major: Industrial Engineering and Systems Engineering with a minor in Nuclear System Generation
Involvement: Formula SAE Racing Team 

Why study in the U.S.?

“American education allows for electives. No matter what your major is, you can take a course in another area that interests you. This flexibility gives students more room to explore possibilities they may not have considered. American education also encourages students to express their own opinions. From in-class discussions to take-home papers, students are given more room to think. Classes are usually small and incorporate a seminar-style teaching method that allows for discussion.”

Natcha in the football stadium               Natcha and friends

Natcha at an AU Football Game                            Natcha and her new friends!


Why Auburn?

“When I was researching schools, I found that Auburn is located in a nice, quiet city, which is very good for studying and the weather is not too warm and not too cold. The facilities at Auburn are also good. They have a recreation and wellness center with a gigantic rock climbing wall! Also,
since coming here, I found that the professors at Auburn always take time to answer my questions. I appreciate this, because am a curious person so I always have questions!”

Natcha holding a pumpkin              Natcha and friends during Christmas

 Natcha at the pumpkin patch with AG!    Natcha and her friends at a Christmas party.


Auburn Experience

“My biggest challenge is speaking in English. I have a strong accent and sometimes people have complained that my accent is too strong which makes me hard to understand. Because of this, sometimes I wasn’t confident when speaking with others. However, Auburn Global plans events
and arranges opportunities that help me make American friends. Now I have many American friends who always ask me to hang out. This has helped me become more confident. I also like when I meet with my student services advisor because it is another opportunity as I can use to
improve my speaking skills.”

Natcha and friend during Halloween       Natcha and her friend

         Halloween fun!                                       Natcha and her friend at AU’s Rec Center.

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