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Meet Miguel

Miguel with friend at lunch
Miguel with his teammates from intramural soccer

Miguel with his teammates from intramural soccer

Meet Miguel, a Business Administration student from Mexico. Learn more about Miguel’s experience at Auburn University below.

  1. Why did you choose Auburn?

I decided to come to Auburn because someone from my high school in Vermont (Saint Johnsbury Academy) recommended Auburn.  They told me that Auburn had a good business program.

  1. What were your expectations before coming to Auburn? Were they fulfilled?

One of my expectations was that it would take some time to get to know people and have some friends, but in less than a week I had a good amount of friends from everywhere (Mexico, U.S. and other places). I expected all of the classrooms to be really big, but through Auburn Global, they help you to make a transition by putting you in small classrooms and little by little make it easier for the students if they are in bigger classes. I think this really helps students  succeed at Auburn.

Miguel with his friends at Toomer's Corner

Miguel with his friends at Toomer’s Corner

  1. Tell us about your involvement (clubs and activities).

I got involved in activities and clubs through my friends. During my  first year it was great because I got to know friends from my country and they helped me get involved in clubs. I play on the club soccer team now.

  1. What do you think makes Auburn special?

I think what makes Auburn special is the community and atmosphere at the university (students and teachers). They always help you to succeed and the students are friendly and kind.

  1. What is your favorite Auburn tradition?

Tailgating is one of my favorite traditions in Auburn. I get to hang out with friends and a lot of people come out to support the Tigers. It feels great and my first time I was impressed by how many people go to the game.

  1. What has been your favorite Auburn memory so far?

My favorite memory is when I played indoor intramural soccer and my team won first place after we beat a team that had won six times consecutively. And, I scored a goal, which makes that one of my best memories so far. I’m happy to continue to make some more memories through 3 more years here at AU.

  1. Why should other students choose to study at Auburn?

Students should come to study at Auburn because they will get a good college experience. If you struggle in classes, there are a lot of options to get help and outside classes there are a lot places to go and hang out with friends. It just feels great to be an Auburn Tiger!


Miguel with his soccer team

Miguel with his soccer team

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