Master’s Accelerator Program/Master's Accelerator Program–Track 1

The Master’s Accelerator Program/Master's Accelerator Program–Track 1 (MAP/MAP–Track1) is a two-semester program exclusively offered to aspirational international students. MAP/MAP–Track 1 students benefit from comprehensive support and language for discipline-specific purposes. Your curriculum will include advanced writing, public speaking, and research instruction. Each course is designed to help ensure your success at Auburn. The small class sizes, hands-on and interactive programs, and unique curriculum are designed to help you progress seamlessly into your master’s degree program. MAP/MAP–Track 1 students will be enrolled as full-time students during both semesters of MAP/MAP–Track 1 and will earn 9 credits toward their selected degree.

  • AN IMMERSIVE EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE with a credit-bearing curriculum that bridges language, culture, and academics.
  • BOLSTER YOUR ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT with targeted English language instruction, tutoring, academic advising, and student support.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TAILORED TO YOUR GOALS with special learning objectives and English language skills that develop your skills to the graduate and professional level.
  • PERSONALIZED ENGLISH LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION that’s fully contextual and designed to ensure your academic, social, and professional success.

Sample Curriculum

Semester 1Semester 2
Credit-Bearing Coursework
Degree CoursesGraduate Course IGraduate Course II

Graduate Course III

Credits Toward Your Degree36
MAP Workshops and Seminars
Professional SupportProfessional Development SeminarProfessional Development Seminar
Contextual EnglishEnglish for Specific Purposes (ESP)Making the Case:
Structure, Argument, and Composition in Research Contexts
The Art of Presenting: Advanced Oral Communications
Research and AnalysisThe Active Research Colloquium I
Data Management: Gathering, Analyzing, Interpreting Data
The Active Research Colloquium II
Data Management: Gathering, Analyzing, Interpreting Data

Note: MAP/MAP–Track 1 students will earn 9 credits in MAP/MAP–Track 1. Upon progression from the Master’s Accelerator Program, students will transfer 9 credit hours into their degree program.

This is a sample curriculum and may be subject to change.