Master’s Accelerator Program/Master's Accelerator Program–Track 1

The Master’s Accelerator Program/Master's Accelerator Program–Track 1 (MAP/MAP–Track1) is a two-semester program exclusively offered to aspirational international students. MAP/MAP–Track 1 students benefit from comprehensive support and language for discipline-specific purposes. Your curriculum will include advanced writing, public speaking, and research instruction. Each course is designed to help ensure your success at Auburn. The small class sizes, hands-on and interactive programs, and unique curriculum are designed to help you progress seamlessly into your master’s degree program. MAP/MAP–Track 1 students will be enrolled as full-time students during both semesters of MAP/MAP–Track 1 and will earn 9 credits toward their selected degree.

  • AN IMMERSIVE EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE with a credit-bearing curriculum that bridges language, culture, and academics.
  • BOLSTER YOUR ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT with targeted English language instruction, tutoring, academic advising, and student support.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TAILORED TO YOUR GOALS with special learning objectives and English language skills that develop your skills to the graduate and professional level.
  • PERSONALIZED ENGLISH LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION that’s fully contextual and designed to ensure your academic, social, and professional success.

Sample Curriculum

Semester 1 Semester 2
Credit-Bearing Coursework
Degree Courses Graduate Course I Graduate Course II

Graduate Course III

Credits Toward Your Degree 3 6
MAP Workshops and Seminars
Professional Support Professional Development Seminar Professional Development Seminar
Contextual English English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Making the Case:
Structure, Argument, and Composition in Research Contexts
The Art of Presenting: Advanced Oral Communications
Research and Analysis The Active Research Colloquium I
Data Management: Gathering, Analyzing, Interpreting Data
The Active Research Colloquium II
Data Management: Gathering, Analyzing, Interpreting Data

Note: MAP/MAP–Track 1 students will earn 9 credits in MAP/MAP–Track 1. Upon progression from the Master’s Accelerator Program, students will transfer 9 credit hours into their degree program.

This is a sample curriculum and may be subject to change.