Master’s Accelerator Program – Costs Overview


ProgramProgram LengthSpring 2020Summer 2020Fall 2020
Direct Master’s Accelerator Program
(Direct MAP)
1 Semester$15,710 USD$15,710 USD$15,710 USD
Advanced Master’s Accelerator Program
(Advanced MAP)
1 Semester$17,300 USD$17,300 USD$17,300 USD
Master’s Accelerator Program/Master’s Accelerator Program–Track 1
(MAP/MAP–Track 1)
2 Semesters$27,000 USD$27,000 USD$27,000 USD
Master’s Accelerator Program–Track 2
(MAP–Track 2)
2 Semesters$27,000 USD$27,000 USD$27,000 USD
Academic English Programlength can vary$3,800—$7,300 USD$7,300 USD$3,800—$7,300 USD

* Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Other Costs

Other Costs for Graduate Students**
Health Insurance $750-$2,000 USD

The above costs do not include the cost of housing, food, books and supplies, personal items, and transportation for one academic year (9 months).  These amounts will vary depending on where you live and your personal spending habits.  All students are required to purchase health insurance through the university.

How do I pay my tuition and fees?

It’s quick and easy to pay your tuition and fees via Auburn Global’s FlyWire portal. Click here to find out more or make a payment.


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