When can I get to campus?

We hear this question every day from international students like you. With the coronavirus pandemic, we understand that visa availability and travel plans may have been impacted. As always, Auburn Global has you covered.

Your health and safety remain our top priorities as we work to get you to campus as soon as possible. If you face delays in arriving to campus, explore these options for beginning your university journey in a way that is tailored to you.

Option 1.

On-Campus Fall Semester—August Start

Auburn University intends to open its doors in some capacity in Fall 2020. Depending on your program, you are welcome to arrive on campus at the start of the regular semester in August, if that is possible for you. Our team will be available to support you during your transition to life in the U.S. You can view important dates for the August start here.

Option 2.

On-Campus Fall Semester—October Start

Depending on your program, we are offering a mid-semester arrival option that will enable you to get started on your degree later this fall at our warm and welcoming campus.
You can view important dates for the October start here.

Option 3.

Virtual Fall Semester

If you are unable to arrive on campus for the fall semester during either start option, you are invited to participate in American Collegiate Live, a digital classroom experience that lets you begin your program right away, from home—no study delays or interruptions—and transition smoothly to beginning your coursework at Auburn University in January. Learn more about American Collegiate Live here.

Note: Fall start dates vary based on your program. Important dates for each program can be found here.

Find a Solution that Works

Explore which path to your university degree makes the most sense for you:

Question 1: Are you able to get a visa appointment by late summer or early fall?

Answer: Yes

Question 2: Are you able to book travel plans for your designated start time in August or October?

Answer: Yes

On Campus Arrival

Question 1: Are you able to get a visa to arrive on campus before October 15?

Answer: No

Question 2: Are you able to begin working toward your degree virtually from your home this fall?

Answer: Yes

Virtual Start

Student Stories

Want to learn more about starting to work toward your Auburn University degree via AC Live? Hear from international students like you who have already started classes!

“You will feel that the professor is standing in front of you, delivering the course. We do not have any barriers communicating.”

Cynthia Wang (2017)


“Only after you have experienced the online (Live) classroom, you will find that it is not as we (you) imagined, and that technology is changing our (your) real life.”

Xiaoding Guan (2019)


Stay Informed

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